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Save the environment, save money and have REAL coffee in your coffee pods!

Many people love the convenience of coffee pods but don't like the compromise on taste - it's just not the same as freshly ground beans brewed through a 'proper' coffee machine. Many more people are also becoming aware of the impact coffee pods are having on the environment. Did you know Australians consume around 3 million single use coffee pods per day? That's an awful lot of plastic waste going to landfill!

So, can you have the convenience of coffee from a pod that still tastes good, do the right thing by the environment AND save money on the cost of pre-filled pods? YES YOU CAN!

Green Elephant Coffee are excited to introduce to our product range a reusable coffee pod, offering you an eco-friendly way to prepare and brew our delicious coffee for use with your with Nespresso machine. Bluecup capsules are easy to refill and reuse with freshly ground coffee, and are cheaper than conventional pods. Each pod can be used over 200 times with a one-use lid, and extra lids can be bought separately. Our starter kits will get you going and we'll grind your Green Elephant beans ready for you to fill your pods!

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