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Deep Forest Blend      500g $23     1kg $45

This is a blend of 3 beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea.  

It is a medium-dark roast with flavours of fine chocolate and hazelnut with notes of fruit.

Mountain Rain 500g.jpg

Mountain Rain Blend    500g $23     1kg $45

This is a 4 bean blend, - two different types from Brazil, one from Guatemala and one from Papua New Guinea.  

It is a medium-dark roast, medium bodied with notes of fruit, raisin and dark chocolate.

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Specialty Single Origin   500g $23     1kg $45

Our single origin bean is from Brazil.

A medium roast, it is smooth bodied with flavours of raisin, plum and chili chocolate.


Bodum Travel Press   $31.95

Brew coffee or tea on the go!

Double wall insulated coffee travel press and tumbler.

Comes with free extra lid. 

Great for travel, home or office.


Coffee Plunger   $24.95

3 cup (350ml) plunger (French Press)

Glass beaker is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Quality stainless steel frame and lid.

Coffee scoop included.

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Ground Green Elephant Arabica coffee beans, organic coconut oil, organic raw sugar, cinnamon, orange essential oil

Coffee Body Scrub   200g $15.95

A 100% natural, ground coffee scrub to exfoliate your skin and leave it soft and silky smooth.

Antioxidant rich coffee grounds gently exfoliate while the cold pressed coconut oil hydrates your skin.

Free from parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours.

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Green Elephant Coffee body scrub.jpg