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What makes our coffee so good?
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Located in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, Green Elephant Coffee is a small batch, specialty roaster.

Our passion for coffee began 50 years ago in a small European village using a manual drum coffee bean roaster rotated by hand over a log fire.

The coffee bean hasn't changed but equipment technology and technique has. We use state of the art roasting machinery combined with coffee bean knowledge and expertise to bring you the best tasting coffee.


Many years of research has gone into developing our unique blends, which together with our roasting experience and skills ensures our roasted coffee has great flavours, a smooth aftertaste and no bitterness.  Computer technology allows us to ensure consistency in every roast and we only roast to order - our coffee will always be delivered fresh.

We source only the highest quality, specialty Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans from the best coffee growing regions around the world, supporting sustainable environmental farming practices and better trading conditions for coffee bean farmers.